Jean-Paul Probani


Volcanic landscapes, fields of ruins, explosions and their aftermath, odours of sulphur, splinters of phosphoric whites….Jean-Paul Probani’s paintings speak of chaos while breaking through to light and hope.

Molten matter, spontaneous expression in colour, – « tectonic canvases », the painted space is a terrain of research and experimentation – a space where the artist orchestrates accidents, confronts his medium and exploits the potential of

painting while avoiding effects and saturation.


Having obtained his diploma from Metz School of Fine Arts, Probani travelled in Central America, ending up living in Guatamala. There, he was close to nature and above all, to the movements of the earth – volcanoes.

On his return to Paris, he worked on burning the canvas, a magical form playing with fire and matter. Then, for ten years, he changed his medium and devoted himself completely to printmaking in Bo Halbirk’s Studio in Paris where he discovered new techniques. There, he developed relief printmaking on plexiglass. Very recently, he returned to painting with the skills learned from printmaking. As a result, matter took on new form in his works. Probani uses the transparence of printing inks to create patinated and weathered surfaces which merge with rough crackled relief full of stories.


His artistic career has been made up of chance meetings, artist’s residencies in Luxumbourg, Denmark and Germany in addition to international exhibitions (Japan, Mexico, South Korea and Europe). His work is presented in galleries in France and in public and private collections.


At present, he lives and works at the Maison des Artistes, Charenton, France.


Frédéric Mette

Director, Espace Art et Liberté, Charenton, France